WebsiteToolTester launches Comparison Tool

WebsiteToolTester launches Comparison Tool

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WebsiteToolTester, a website comparison platform that allows webpage creators to browse through different web builders, has announced the launch of its Comparison Tool.

The web-based platform reviews and analyzes web building services, allowing users to compare platforms to make sure they are able to create —whether they are an amateur or a tech savvy professional — the best website for their needs.

Now, with its out-of-beta launch in tandem with the launch of its effective Comparison Tool — also accessible for free through its website — users can get a clearer understanding of what web-building tool is best for the job.

The Comparison Tool enables potential webpage creators to browse through the ins and outs of numerous leading web builders, detailing factors such as ease of use, language capabilities, and newsletter options.

“From the start we have always looked to inform people as much as possible in order to give them a viable and fitting option to their web-based ideas, whether they want to launch an e-commerce site or a blog,” says WebsiteToolTester founder and “Chief Tester, Robert Brandl.

“The WebsiteToolTester service is particularly valuable for smaller startups and entrepreneurs, who like us when we started, needed to pick the right website or online store tool for their business model,” Brandl explained.