Tripverse launches iOS app to plan global trips offline

By April 9, 2015

With the launch of Tripverse’s iOS app, gone are the days of scribbling travel plans and must-see locations on the back page of travel guides or bits of paper, only to lose them when you need them most.

TripVerse users need never again fall victim to extortionate roaming charges or desperately search for free WiFi when trying to load travel information while away from home; with the TripVerse iOS app, users can prepare everything before they step out of the door, and then access their travel plan with pictures and maps wherever and whenever they need it while offline.

With TripVerse, users can create travel itineraries on their iPhones or iPads, with friend’s recommendations, must-see location discovery, and access offline maps available wherever and whenever they need them.

Users can sign up to TripVerse via the website, or download the iOS app for free on the Apple App Store. Users can share trip information and gain new ideas from friends and family via Facebook integration.

The new TripVerse iOS app integrates leading location database Foursquare and Google Maps, making it easy to create interesting and adventurous trips and then view them on slick TripVerse trip itinerary viewer. Users can also cache maps of their travel destinations for free, leaving them to enjoy their surroundings without the stress of busy tourist information centres or language barrier issues with unfriendly taxi drivers.

“TripVerse is like an interactive Instagram for travel stories, where users create travel stories by masterfully and easily curating travel activities. With TripVerse users can soak up hot tips that inspire new adventures with their friends and family at the touch of a button,” says Benny Kao, Founder and CEO of TripVerse.

Trips are synced online on the TripVerse website, meaning that regardless of any unforeseen problems such as loss or theft, travel itineraries are safely saved online to be updated again to any iOS device.

TripVerse offers much more than websites such as TripAdvisor due to the personalized nature of the service, offering valued recommendations from family and friends, rather than general reviews by people that the users have never met. TripVerse has been designed to fill in the gaps in the existing market, such as including key activities and sites of interest, providing a product which covers all bases.