Social media synchronization just got a whole lot easier

By November 13, 2014

The diversification and constant evolution of social media has seen a departure from the already established ways that people connect online. 

The Socialeyes app, which allows users to sync their existing social circles, looks break down the parameters set by older platforms and maximize the user experience by providing the current information on events that they are looking for.

Founded in January 2014 by University of San Diego graduate John Kagit, Socialeyes is a fun and easy way for you to socialize with your friends and the people around you.

“Unlike traditional social media that looks at where you have been, the things you have eaten and general past experiences, Socialeyes focuses on connectivity in the present and the future moments, allowing users to be natural and to make spontaneous plans,” says founder and CEO of Socialeyes John Kagit.

According to research publish by GlobalWebIndex in January this year, mobile handsets have become the most popular way of accessing social networks with 66% of users turning to their smaller and more portable devices first to connect. The figures, which have grown steadily, have surpassed the use of PCs and tablets which drew 64% of user attention for their everyday online social connectivity.

“There is a certain spontaneity to life that no social media application can capture, and that is the gap that Socialeyes looks to close.” John Kagit explains. “If you want to plan a trip, or go play basketball you can create an activity invitation easily on the app by expressing your mood. The app then notifies your friends within a specific radius allowing them to take the opportunity to join you,” he says.

The platform gives you that real-time sense of knowing how your friends are doing and where they are, and if they are up for having a drink right now or if they are looking to go for a run with someone,” he adds.