Re-launch of Widbook mobile app allows readers to provide instant feedback to authors

By August 19, 2014

Apart from positioning itself at the forefront of the mobile reading shift, Widbook has re-launched its free mobile app that not only allows readers to discover new literature and shop through thousands of free titles, but also provides a platform where readers can directly interact with authors.

“I saw in Widbook a quality platform to develop a different aspect of my writing,” says 23-year-old Bel Watson, the Chilean author of six published ebooks. Watson had gained over 100,000 followers on Watpad before coming over to Widbook, and says what has impressed her most was the opportunity to cultivate an engaged audience that can drive demand for her work and offer valuable criticism as she develops.

“It’s easy and professional, and people in the community really care about your writing. I am getting more quality feedback there,” says Watson.

Aside from its cleaner, streamlined interface, the new app’s most significant improvements come in the areas of social connectivity. Widbook mobile now features an individualized timeline that conforms to the usage patterns of each user and reflects the activity of their “friends.” Users can follow and message one another, make recommendations, and share content on Widbook’s own high-powered social platform.

“The new app is smoother, faster, cleaner, more powerful, and sensitive, with a totally new design and equipped with integrated social capabilities,” says Widbook CEO and Founder Flavio Aguiar.

“We approached the process of reworking the original app the same way our writers approach their content: With an open mind and with the benefit of thoughtful, close feedback from a community of engaged users. In that sense, we see this new launch as a perfect representation of everything that makes Widbook such a dynamic and attractive platform in the first place,” says Aguiar.

With an overhauled iOS interface and Android version currently in the works, Widbook is positioning itself at the forefront of the mobile reading shift.

Widbook is a digital collaborative community where you can read, write, and publish ebooks for free in an innovative and modern environment.

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