New app aims to target poor hydration habits

By August 20, 2014

A new app by the Finnish hardware startup, Caktus, aims to raise awareness about poor hydration habits by tracking user’s daily water intake.

The app, currently in its crowd funding stage, does so by using its newly redesigned The Hug sensor band, a mobile-empowered sensor band that wraps around water bottles and links up to a smartphone app which tracks daily consumption in real time.

“We wanted to build a simple solution that could be part of the daily lives of our users and help coach them towards healthier drinking habits,” says Caktus CEO Panu Keski-Pukkila, “As hardware developers, we like to avoid the abstract and focus on concrete solutions to essential problems,”

According to a 2012 Center for Disease Control study, 43% of Americans drink four cups of water or less a day, well under the eight cups recommended by experts.

“Water is essential to every cell and function in the human body,” Keski-Pukkila continues, “with The Hug, we aim to change behavior and attitudes on an individual level.”


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