Emerging platform bridges gap between marketing and recruiting

By July 22, 2015

Kinetics.io has launched a new app to bridge the gap between inbound marketing and HR hiring campaigns by saving companies time and money by leveraging marketing campaigns and turning interested readers into active job applicants.

The platform makes the job hunting process much more efficient, giving potential job candidates the opportunity to see all the available positions and company information in one place, and also reduces recruiters’ time spent posting to jobs boards and headhunting.

The startup was founded after CEO of Kinetics.io Vikas Arya spoke to startup founders  and was surprised to see a common problem. Although these startups often received hundreds of thousands of hits on their blogs, product and funding announcements, they received only handful of job applications through these channels.

With 60% of companies having invested time and money in content-based marketing campaigns (inbound marketing), Vikas felt that a solution was needed, and that came in the form of a platform that allowed companies to bridge the gap between HR and marketing.

“When I was a jobseeker, almost every startup I applied to I found through news articles, blogs, online articles or funding announcements, but there never seemed to be a convenient way to apply for a job,” says Kinetics.io Cofounder and CTO Hameed Rahamathullah  “I hated searching for the right career pages and application forms. In Kinetics,we have found a solution that benefits both the applicants and employers.”

According to Hubspot, 80% of people describe themselves as blog readers, with nearly a quarter of their time spent on social media sites – which is one of the reasons why content-focused inbound marketing is replacing cold-calling and email blasting. Moreover, a Glassdoor survey has found that 79% of people use social media in their job hunt. Kinetics is leveraging the trend by connecting both to job applicants who are actively seeking employment, and more passive parties who are just browsing content online. In this way, the software helps users to avoid the otherwise inevitable trawl through online careers pages. For businesses, the platform can be integrated with company websites, making applicant tracking easy and productive.