Chupamobile provides easy access to app and game creation

Chupamobile provides easy access to app and game creation

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A recently launched digital template marketplace allows individuals with little to no coding experience the opportunity to purchase, customize, and sell app and game templates

Describing itself as the “one-stop destination for anyone wanting to publish and app or a game,” Chupamobile is among a growing number of companies seeking to provide an accessible alternative for anyone wanting to enter the fast-growing $70 billion app industry.

“We realized that a growing number of people dream about publishing an app or a game even if they have no coding or design skills. With Chupamobile, everyone has the opportunity to buy professional app and game templates, get them published in the App stores, ready to be monetized,” said Paolo de Santis, co-founder of Chupamobile

By decreasing development time and costs, Chupamobile is shifting the paradigm in app and game development by offering anyone the opportunity to become an “appreneur.”