Chekk iOS app aims to help users manage digital lives

By April 28, 2015

Chekk has announced a new iPhone version that offers an innovative way to manage our personal data and contextualize our expanding digitial lives.

Chekk’s new iOS app comes with improved features including a simplified on-boarding setup and a new visual design for a more controlled user experience.

For users wanting more than just a basic aggregator app, Chekk acts as a secure personal data wallet, as well as a platform for bringing together email, social networks, and news content from across the web.

For Chekk Founder and CEO, Pascal Nizri, it is the focus on overall content contextualization — within the app’s information Profiles and Stream — that gives Chekk users a fresh perspective on how to manage their personal data and effectively consume and share content.

With the new on-boarding process, Chekk users need only take a few steps to set up their account, which is easily customized later on for a more in-depth management experience.

Counting on end-to-end security, Chekk can be a storage platform for as much or as little personal data as the user requires. This personal information can be organized into any number of user-created Profiles that can be easily shared with both contacts and businesses.

Additionally, the visual design across the app has been updated to be more appealing with new icons, buttons and practical drop down menus. Editing modes for information datasets have also been bolstered to give users increased flexibility, allowing them to layout their Profiles and Stream in their own way.

By allowing users to have an unlimited number of data Profiles to store and share personal and social information, and the ability to easily organize their individual information Streams, Chekk is set to improve how we contextually view and manage our digital engagement habits.